The membrane attaching the foreskin to the glans and shaft of the penis (at the ventral midline, just proximal to the meatus). It is richly endowed with nerves. Often only a remnant of the frenulum is left after circumcision, if it is not also r
emoved. Many circumcised men consider it their "G-spot" - but only because their "G-area", the ridged band and frenular delta, has been removed. (L. fraenulum = little bridle pl. frenula) There are also frenula under the tongue and elsewhere."

Left side image used with permission of user oTupeiraX Original:…

The left side panel shows an intact (uncircumcised) penis with the foreskin retracted. The right side shows a circumcised penis (no foreskin).

The penile frenulum is a band of tissue that attaches the foreskin to the bottom of the glans. One of its functions is to hold the foreskin over the glans when the penis is not aroused. Besides, nerves and veins go through the frenulum. Most men who have their frenulum (or part of it) consider it to be one of the sensitive (and pleasurable) areas of the penis. Yet for some reason, some doctors completely remove it during circumcision, depriving those men from the sensation in that area. And most of the circumcisions cause at least some damage to the frenulum anyway.

Notice in the intact (or uncircumcised) penis (left panel) how the frenulum starts around the meatus and expands as it opens into the ridged band, the mucocutaneal transition area at the tip of the foreskin.

Most circumcision procedures cut and then reattach the frenulum. Some specifically cut the whole tissue. Of many videos I have watched, I've seen a single procedure that took care to cut around the frenulum leaving it relatively unharmed, but this was in a person under general anesthesia, not in a baby with a clamp.

Notice in the circumcised penis how the remnant of the frenulum attaches at the bottom of the frenular delta, disfigured. Notice also the skin tags on both sides, two little round things on the left side (on the screen) and a larger one on the right. This, and the irregularity of the scar (the line that separates the skin of the shaft from what's left of the inner foreskin, which here is the tissue between the glans and the shaft) are cosmetic defects of the procedure.

Cutting the frenulum or the frenular artery has the potential to reduce the blood flow to the meatus (ischemia) and may result in meatal stenosis (development of scar tissue reducing the size of the meatus) which can have an impact in the ability to urinate, may cause infections and may require surgery in order to repair.

Sorrells et al, 2007, referred to the damage to the frenulum in these words: "In conclusion, circumcision removes the most sensitive parts of the penis and decreases the fine-touch pressure sensitivity of glans penis. The most sensitive regions in the uncircumcised penis are those parts ablated by circumcision. When compared to the most sensitive area of the circumcised penis, several locations on the uncircumcised penis (the rim of the preputial orifice, dorsal and ventral, the frenulum near the ridged band, and the frenulum at the muco-cutaneous junction) that are missing from the circumcised penis were significantly more sensitive."


  1. Thank you, Juan, as always, for your tireless work and intellectual courage.

  2. What is TNS essential serum? Does it help circumcised penis'?

    1. It's an anti-wrinkle face cream from SkinMedica. It uses growth factors resulting from culturing newborn foreskin cells, to promote skin health.

      It's also currently the subject of a lawsuit as those growth factors could also encourage the growth of existing skin tumors.

    2. Hard to believe how many new excuses Jews can invent to keep USA circumcising. Now they are getting USAID and Gates millions to send circumcision devices to African men. Even babies are being targeted!

  3. I am uncircumcised, and I don't understand these claims about the exquisite sensitivity of the frenulum. The tissue that surrounds the frenulum is very sensitive, true, and that is my favorite area of the penis to touch. But the frenulum itself feels like a tendom. There is no sensitivity there. In fact, if I tocuh it hard enouh it hurts.

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