Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is this blog biased?

We are all familiar with the AAP's mantra that "the benefits outweigh the risks". This statement reduced the equation of circumcision to just two variables, "benefits", and "risks".

But besides the risks and the possible complications, there is objective damage due to circumcision. Damage that always occurs because when you remove parts of the body, you remove the functions of those parts:

  • Loss of skin mobility on the penis. This is actually an important and very misunderstood function of the foreskin. The ability to slide the skin over the glans creates a dynamic stimulation system where the glans and the foreskin stimulate each other during sex, and the inner surface of the foreskin  stimulates the inner walls of the vagina. This is destroyed by circumcision.

  • Loss of the soft-receptors - the "ridged band" of the foreskin, the area where the outer skin transitions into the inner mucosa, has a high concentration of Meissner's corpuscles whose function is to feel soft touch. These receptors do not exist on the rest of the penis, so removing them means the penis will mostly rely on the rough sensations. That's like listening to your favorite song but without the guitars or the keyboards, you are only left with the bass and the drums.

  • Progressive keratinization or cornification of the glans. The surface of the glans is a mucosa, and mucosas thrive in moist environments. The natural covering of the glans is the inner foreskin, which is also a mucosa. Once the foreskin is gone, the glans is permanently exposed to friction with clothes and air, the moisture has no place to stay, so the glans becomes dry and develops layers of skin cells - which bury its nerve endings, making it less sensitive over time. Compare the part of your lips that stays inside your mouth with the part of the lips that stays outside. The glans is supposed to be like the part of the lips that stays inside your mouth, or like the inside of your cheeks, but once the penis is circumcised, the glans becomes like the outside of the lips. Hardened.

All these items are objective damage. It doesn't matter if the baby didn't cry, if all the possible combinations of anesthesia were used, if the procedure took 30 seconds with a Mogen clamp (and didn't get the glans sliced) or 30 minutes with a Gomco clamp... It doesn't matter if the wound did not get infected or the baby didn't bleed. When circumcised, the penis has lost all of those functions and structures. It won't work the way it's supposed to work. It will become erect and allow for sex and orgasm and reproduction, yes, but what it's missing is something the man will never understand.

If you couldn't see in colors, how would you understand colors? If you don't have the ridged band and the frenulum, and your skin doesn't glide, you may repeat until you get tired that your "junk works perfectly fine", but it doesn't. You just won't know what was taken from you.

Some men have been circumcised without real medical necessity as adults and have been able to report the loss. Some males are undergoing non-surgical foreskin restoration, and even though the Meissner's corpuscles won't come back, the gliding function of the skin CAN be restored and some of the keratinization can be reversed, and things become better.

Pro-circumcision groups will say that "there is no evidence that sexual satisfaction is different" between circumcised and uncircumcised men. But they will never discuss these structures and functions (see AAP's Policy Statement and Technical Report on circumcision for an example of this intentional omission), because once you study these structures and evaluate this functions, the damage becomes really apparent. Only by remaining willfully blind to these structures and functions one can argue that there is no sexual difference.

And that is the purpose of this blog. To bring awareness about the damage that occurs when the foreskin is excised, the loss of functions. This has been a learning experience for me. Even when I saw an uncircumcised penis, I didn't know what to look on it, I didn't know how to see the difference. And that's what I want to share in this blog: the difference, so that we don't deceive ourselves into thinking that nothing is lost after a circumcision.

Regardless of any potential benefits, this is what is lost. I hope my readers will learn something useful here.

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