Monday, April 22, 2013

A friend shares - Negative sexual impact of infant circumcision

A friend shares that when he reached puberty, his erections were tight and painful. He often chafed his penis and bled after masturbation. Not even lots of lubrication could prevent this. Things haven't changed since.

He also suffers from lymphedema, so his penis sometimes fills with fluids and swells above the circumcision scar.

When he became sexually active he also realized he had very little touch sensitivity.

Due to these complications, he limits his sexual activity to one or two times per month.

He wishes he was not circumcised.

This is the type of damage from circumcision that parents almost never find about, the type of problem that quietly affects many men's lives and which many men are too embarrassed to talk about.

My friend shares this picture of a red sore spot on his penis, the result of a single encounter which, enjoyable as it was, left him in pain. He wishes people will think twice before circumcising their children.

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